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How do I redeem my JetBlue Coupon?

Jetblue.com offers a variety of promo codes, however, redeeming them is a challenge if you don’t know where to look. The trick is that you cannot enter the promo code on the main jetblue.com site. They have built a different landing page for those who have valid promo codes.

How do I redeem my JetBlue Coupon?

How do I redeem my JetBlue Coupon?

Step 1

Follow the link below to access the hidden page. When you do so, look for the promo code box at the bottom of the page as pictured.

How do I redeem my JetBlue Coupon?

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The app features a variety of tools to help you find the perfect package, including the JetBlue fare finder and the search bar. It also allows you to save money by purchasing tickets with promo codes.

If you’ve struggled in finding where it goes you are not alone. There is a definite trick to redeeming JetBlue promotional codes. Various coupon sites have multiple complaints posted in the comments section for this merchant. Why they have hidden it as they have is a mystery, but no doubt they have their reasons. One reason may be to discourage cart abandonment while the site user goes off in search of a promo code. By only having it appear on a certain landing page, that would appear to solve that problem. Follow the instructions below and find out how to get around this problem. The steps below fully answer the question “where do I enter coupon code on JetBlue?”