Where Do I Enter My Hotwire Coupon

Where Do I Enter My Hotwire Coupon

Hotwire changes the landscape for travel sites. It has unique features such as withholding what hotel you’re booking until you make payment which adds an exciting element to the usually humdrum ordeal. On top of their fantastic rock bottom prices, they also have coupon codes. As with many travel sites, they make the box where the promotional code is entered difficult to locate. Follow these steps and you will have no problem answering the question “Where do i enter my hotwire coupon?”.



To redeem your hotwire coupon, start at the home page and choose the package you intend to purchase. Because this is a demonstration, we have chosen as our destination Hollywood, California.




A list of potential hotels will appear, from which you can choose your favorite. Check out the listed discount, posted in green, and make a choice.




Once you have chosen your hotel, a second page appears with more details about the venue. The general area your hotel is located in will be displayed, but still not the name. If you are happy with the booking click “book now”.





  • Make sure you don’t miss out on any Hotwire specials. Sign up for their mailing list immediately.
  • Hotwire is partnered with both hotels.com and expedia, so don’t be surprised to see similar deals on these sites

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