Where Do I Enter My Orbitz Promo Code?

Where Do I Enter My Orbitz Promo Code?

When you’re heading on a trip, the last thing you need is the anxiety of not getting the deal you were expecting. Don’t let this be because you couldn’t figure out where to enter the promotional code on Orbitz. Below we will outline the steps and answer the question, “where do I enter my Orbitz promo code”? These instructions will see you through both hotel promotions and vacation packages as the checkout process is essentially the same.


First of all, select a hotel that fits the qualifications laid out in your promotional code small print.

where do i enter my orbitz promo code



Next, navigate through the “upsell” pages adding any optional extras to your trip. Click CONTINUE WITH BOOKING if you are not interested.

orbitz step 2





FACT: Orbitz was first created by the airline industry as an answer to the online travel sites that were appearing in the early 2000’s.

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