About Us

WhereDoIEnterTheCoupon.com helps consumers throughout the US figure out how to earn discounts via online coupons.
Who We Are
Michael Tolley is the owner and founder of our site. He’s been making a living online since 2002. After discovering just how difficult some were finding it to enter online coupons on various sites, he decided to share what he learned with others. This site is an evolution of that discovery, and was officially launched in 2015.

What We Do
We provide step-by-step instructions on how to redeem codes and vouchers on various online sites. So many companies make it all but impossible to redeem coupon codes and discounts. We do our part to make it easier with easy to follow instructions.

Whether you want to get that final 20% discount on your Bed Bath and Beyond purchase, or need to make the most of your vacation budget with coupon codes, we’ll cut through the confusion for you.

Why Choose Us?
Many online merchants make it difficult and confusing to use their coupons. Regardless of the reason, there are various ways to get the discount you want. We help you figure out the best plan of action so you’re never confused again. Follow us for insider tips and, of course, easy to follow coupon code redemption tutorials.