About Us

Let’s dive into the whimsical yet true tale of a remarkable pivot in the digital world. Imagine a vibrant persona, let’s call him Michael Tolley, whose journey begins with the spirited world of baseball heckling. Picture this: Michael, amidst the cheers and jeers of a 1996 baseball game, launches a website dedicated to the fine art of heckling. That’s a whole separate tale to tell, as destiny threw a curveball his way.
two-panel comic strip that shows a man thinking deeply and then creating a heckling website

Thanks to Google (and keywords):

  • Unexpected Turn: One day, Michael notices a surge in visitors, the search term they were using to find The Heckle Depot was “1985 Chicago White Sox jersey”. Confusion abounds. His website wasn’t about jerseys, and why on earth was that search term being used?
  • Initial Frustration: In a moment of madness, Michael scrubs his site clean of any Chicago White Sox jersey-related content. But the seeds of opportunity were planted.

Eureka Moment: Embracing the Throwback Trend:

  • Change of Heart: Realizing the potential he had so quickly dismissed, Michael embraces the throwback jersey trend. He ventures into the world of vintage sports fashion, but was it nostalgia in the form of classic jerseys? The reality was less nostalgia, and more hip-hop. But the craze didn’t last long.
  • The Evolution: This new path wasn’t just a detour; it was a gateway. Michael’s foray into throwback jerseys naturally led him into the realm of online coupon sites, blending his passion for sports with savvy shopping. At one point Michael had 4 different coupon websites on the go.
a board room scene

The Birth of “WhereDoIEnterTheCoupon.com”:

  • Insightful Observation: Analyzing search terms on his coupon sites, Michael spots a recurring question: “How do I enter the coupon at…?” It was a lightbulb moment.
  • Solution Crafting: Inspired, Michael sets out to create a user-centric website dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of coupon code entry across various online platforms.

Features of “WhereDoIEnterTheCoupon.com” (WDIETC):

  • Step-by-Step Guides: Users are greeted with clear, easy-to-follow tutorials, illuminating the path to savvy savings.
  • Store-Specific Instructions: Acknowledging the unique checkout processes of different retailers, the site offers tailored walkthroughs, making it a breeze for users to apply their codes.

Michael Tolley’s journey from the echoes of baseball stadiums to the forefront of online shopping tutorials is a testament to adaptability and innovation. His story isn’t just about a website; it’s about seeing potential in the unexpected, turning setbacks into opportunities, and simplifying the digital shopping experience for everyone.