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Where Do You Enter a Priceline Promo Code?

Coupons on Priceline can only be applied to deals marked “Express Deals”.  The search for Express Deals can be done by narrowing down the search using filters as described below.

How to use an Priceline Coupon

1. Choose the correct tutorial from between HOTEL, BUNDLES, CAR, or FLIGHT
2. Follow the steps outlined
3. Type or paste your code and click APPLY

How to use a Priceline Hotel coupon

Step 1

From the homepage, search for your accommodation.

screenshot with arrow pointing to destination and dates

Step 2

Narrow your search to EXPRESS DEALS. 

priceline screenshot highlighting express deals

Step 3

Pick a hotel flagged EXPRESS DEAL.

screenshot of hotel marked Express Deal

How to use a Priceline Bundle Coupon

Step 1

To redeem savings on a Priceline ‘Bundled’ vacation, first choose your destination and FIND YOUR TRIP.

mobile screenshot with arrow pointing at FIND YOUR TRIP button


So, where do you enter a Priceline promo code”? For hotels, flights, and rental cars it is entered under the ‘Summary of Charges’ on the listing page. For bundled vacations, savings are added automatically and you cannot enter a promo code.

Follow the simple steps outlined above, and find out the secret to finding the best deals on Priceline. We are confidant of our instructions and verify them on a regular basis, but please leave feedback at the bottom of this page if for some reason you don’t find what you are looking for.


  • Always check the bottom of the Priceline homepage, that’s where best deals are often linked from.
  • Priceline is a corporate relative of booking.com, therefore be sure to check both sites and compare deals
  • Taxes aren’t included in the rates shown on the property’s profile page or results. You’ll notice that there are also various fees included when you book a room. When comparing rates online, it’s important to check the total price, not the per room rate.
  • You won’t be able to collect loyalty points with a reservation made through a third party, such as Priceline.