Where Do You Enter a Priceline Promo Code?

Where Do You Enter a Priceline Promo Code?

Where Do You Enter a Priceline Promo Code?




You can easily find promo codes and deals for Priceline, however when it comes to using them there can be slight trick. The issue starts with the fact that you are actually seeing different versions of the Priceline homepage depending on how you arrived at, and how you navigate the site. So if you arrived at the site by typing in the address into your browser you will have to navigate to the “Express Deals” portion of the site. That is where the best deals are, and that is where you can use your promo code.

Follow the simple four steps starting above, and find out the secret to finding the best deals on Priceline. We are confidant of our instructions and verify them on a regular basis, but please leave feedback at the bottom of the next page if for some reason you don’t find what you are looking for.



  • Always check the bottom of the Priceline homepage, that’s where best deals are often linked from.
  • Priceline is a corporate relative of booking.com, therefore be sure to check both sites and compare deals


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