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How Do I Use a Coupon on Agoda?

Wondering where to enter your coupon on Agoda? It’s a common query among savvy travelers looking to maximize savings. Fortunately, the process is straightforward. Once you’ve selected your desired accommodation and proceed to the checkout, you’ll find a designated field labeled “Enter promo code” or “Coupon code.” Simply type or paste your coupon code into this box, hit apply, and watch your total price shrink. It’s that easy! Follow our step-by-step tutorial below.

Agoda Coupon Report Card

A Easy to find
A Prior to credit card
A No login is needed

How to use a coupon on Agoda

Step 1

Check AGODA’s own coupon page for valid codes. Open the ‘hamburger menu’ and choose COUPON & DEALS.

Or go straight to the deals page found here. 

How to enter an agoda coupon - Step one: An arrow points to the top right corner of Agoda's homepage. It is a hamburger menu.
How to enter an Agoda coupon - Step one:  The menu is now open and a circle is drawn around the link COUPONS AND DEALS

Step 2

Choose from what deals are listed. A box will popup confirming your deal. 

How to enter an Agoda coupon - Step Two:  An arrow points to a GET COUPON link on the COUPONS AND DEALS page at Agoda

Bottom Line

Coupons are entered on the “Customer Information” page. Look for the link before before tapping the blue button labelled “NEXT: FINAL STEP”


Sweet Deals:

Snag fantastic discounts on prepaid bookings at top-notch participating hotels! Just remember to swing by www.agoda.com/deals to get in on the savings.

Exclusive Savings

Some promo codes are like shooting stars – catch it while you can! Many are one-shot deals, so make it count during the Promotion Period. Date changes? A good idea is once you book, stick to the plan. If you bail, the promo code will unlikely apply to your new dates.

Coupon Terms:

Even promos have house rules! Bookings through the Promotion landing page must follow Agoda’s terms of use. Break the rules, and you might find yourself booted off the guest list!


If you are having problems it is likely because the hotel isn’t eligible for the promotion based on the date and destination. Bear in mind a minimum spend is sometimes applied.

No Time Travel:

Promo codes usually come with an expiration date. Once the Promotion Period bows out, the codes hit the snooze button. No time machines here – it’s a now-or-never situation!

About Agoda

Listing over 2 million properties worldwide, Agoda is one of the largest platforms to connect you to your next vacation stay, flight booking, and airport transportation. Established in 2005 by founders Robert Rosenstein and Michael Kenny, the online travel agency and meta-search engine is an industry leader.


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