How Do I Use a Coupon on Agoda?

Redeeming your savings at Agoda can be confusing. Many sites offer deals for this travel site, but when you try and use a coupon, there is no obvious way to do so. Below we will show you exactly how to redeem your coupons and answer the question “How do I redeem my code on Agoda?” as simply as possible.

How Do I Use a Coupon on Agoda?

Where Do I Use a Coupon on Agoda?

Step 1

If you are using a mobile device, choose smartphone now. Otherwise go to step 2.

Desktop Instructions desktop

Step 2

Next, check AGODA’s own coupon page for valid codes. Click the link as shown in the picture, or it can be found here.

where do i enter the coupon on agoda

Step 3

Choose from the deals listed.
where do i enter the coupon on agoda step two

Step 4

Take note of the displayed coupon, and search for qualifying properties.
redeem step four
Listing over 2 million properties worldwide, Agoda is one of the largest platforms to connect you to your next vacation stay, flight booking, and airport transportation. Established in 2005 by founders Robert Rosenstein and Michael Kenny, the online travel agency and meta-search engine is a leader in the industry.
Agoda is a single point contact platform to check out great rates within a wide variety of options. Not only does the website allow you to find the best deals for yourself, but it makes the process of planning for your trip almost as easy as if you were doing it through a personal agent with the advantage of instant insight. What’s more? Often combining your accommodation and flight booking automatically creates bundled packages with vendors that are willing to provide discounts for those packages.
The strategically designed platform allows you to select options relevant to your search and vacation destination, and then delivers all of the options that best match your search criteria after adding discounts and coupons that are currently in circulation. The site’s wide range of listings allows you to compare all available options in one place.
Planning for a trip can be as exciting as it can be mundane and cumbersome. Whether you are planning for a vacation, business, or essential travel, let Agoda make the process as easy, convenient, and budget-friendly as possible!