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Where Do I Enter The Coupon On Sam’s Club?

Sams Club was established in 1983 by entrepreneur Sam Walberg with the aim of supporting businesses by offering them the resources and tools to cut costs. Follow the tutorial below to answer the question, “Where Do I Enter the Coupon on Sam’s Club?”.

1. Add an item to your cart

After browsing the site, settle on an item to purchase. After choosing your preferences ie: color, click the blue ADD TO CART button.

How to Enter the Coupon on Sam's Club - Step 1: Navigate to samsclub.com, where you'll find an arrow indicating a link labeled "Add To Cart."

2. Click view cart

Confirm your purchase, then either continue shopping, or VIEW CART.

How to Enter the Coupon on Sam's Club - Step 2: A popup of samclub.com with an arrow indicating a link labeled "Go To Cart."

Bottom Line

Short Answer: Sam’s Club coupons are entered during checkout in the ‘Shopping Cart’. The link to enter the code is under the heading “Deals and Offers”.

About Sam's Club

Initially, Sam’s Club primarily served entrepreneurs but has since broadened its product range to cater to businesses of all sizes. When it comes to discounts, Sam’s Club accepts various types of discount codes. To redeem an offer code, simply copy it from a coupon website and paste it into the designated “Add an offer code” section on their website, bearing in mind that many codes are valid for purchases only. An excellent way to save money year-round is by taking advantage of Sam’s Club’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, typically held in November, which often feature significant discounts. Sam’s Club offers benefits designed to help members save money, including shipping on items and access to a range of health screenings.

Sam’s Club merchants are committed to providing members with quality products and a hassle-free shopping experience, often showcasing items on shipping pallets. Membership grants access to a variety of branded products, from kitchen appliances to beauty items and smartphones, with discounts available on household goods, electronics, and cleaning supplies. Sam Walton attributed his success to his dedication to customer service, a commitment that extends to Sam’s Club, where he and his team ensure members receive deals on trusted products and services.