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How to use a Monoprice coupon

Established in 2002 Monoprice is a company that specializes in offering electronics. It was co founded by Seok Hong and Jong Lee. On their website you’ll discover a range of products not only manufactured by Monoprice but also by other well known brands. Follow the tutorial below to answer the question “Where Do I Enter The Coupon on Monoprice?”

How to use a coupon on Monoprice:

Step 1: Choose an item and add it to your CART
Step 2: If you are ready to pay, then click CHECKOUT
Step 3: Inside the SHOPPING CART, you will see a box marked PROMO CODE

Need more? We’ve made a more complete tutorial below (with pics!)…

Where Do I Enter The Coupon on Monoprice?

Step 1


Add your item to your shopping cart

Where To Enter a Monoprice Coupon - Step 1: A screenshot of monoprice.com, with an arrow pointing at the ADD TO CART button

Step 2


A box will appear, or you can click the cart icon in the top right corner to begin the checkout

Where To Enter a Monoprice Coupon - Step 2: On monoprice.com, an arrow pointing at the CHECKOUT button

Step 3


You will now view a box as depicted in the picture.

Where To Enter a Monoprice Coupon - Step 3

Bottom Line

Short answer: Once you navigated into the SHOPPING CART, you will see a box marked PROMO CODE.

About Monoprice

Monoprice is renowned as a leading retailer that offers cutting edge sound systems for your home entertainment setup. Their customers are genuinely passionate about quality and are constantly seeking the best audio visual equipment available on the market. This retailer ensures that your living room is equipped with of the line gear.

To further elevate the experience at home Monoprice provides an extensive selection of immersive audio products like Dolby Atmos speakers and soundbars. Gaming enthusiasts can also upgrade their equipment with the wireless headsets and keyboards from top tech brands such, as HP, Dell and Acer.


In conclusion, Monoprice stands out as a distinguished retailer specializing in high-quality, affordably priced electronics and accessories, particularly acclaimed for its extensive range of premium yet cost-effective audio equipment and cables, catering to audiophiles and general consumers alike. To apply a coupon, first add an item to the shopping cart. Proceed to checkout by following the prompt that appears, or by tapping the cart icon located at the top right corner of the page. During checkout, you’ll find a link to enter your coupon code.