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Where Do I Enter The Coupon On BHPhotoVideo?

Founded in 1973 and originating from Manhattan, New York City, B&H Photo Video has one of the largest collection of gadgets and equipment for photography & film, music, and art technology. Whether you are a professional photo/videographer, amateur artist, or just know someone who is, B&H is your destination store for all things technology related.

Where Do I Enter The Coupon On BHPhotoVideo?

Step 1

Add a qualifying product to your shopping cart

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Step 2

Click the GO TO CART link

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Fast Facts:


Operating mostly through its online store, the brand conducts B2B sales as well as online consumer sales, with one physical store located in NYC. Customers are encouraged to browse through their large inventory online and much more. Tasks such as chatting/emailing with the support team, ordering online, and communicating needs are possible. This can be done directly with a sales and customer service team via telephone. If you are someone who likes to touch and feel before purchase, stop by their physical location if you happen to be in NYC!


For the rest, browsing is made easy with eleven category tabs. These are lined along with a top panel that neatly organizes hardware and technology. Both categories are divided by the type of hardware as well as the functionality. As a result, you can readily find various digital camera options and equipment under “Photography”. “Videography” will allow you to view technology, tools, and equipment to make your next film or recording a fan favorite. The “Used” and “Specials” tabs also offer added value to the customer by showcasing products that have been pre-purchased or refurbished, or by allowing you to trade in equipment for high cash value.
Get browsing now and remember, help is at your fingertips!