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Where Do I Enter a Coupon on Expedia?

Last updated May 3, 2024 | Published on Jul 22, 2013

Not sure where to input your Expedia coupon or promotional code? Let’s quickly guide you through the process. To help, we’ve created tutorials for Expedia’s four main categories. Note: Some bookings, like certain hotels or packages, might not be eligible for discounts even with a promo code.


How to use an Expedia Coupon

1. Select your booking type:





2. Carefully follow the steps outlined

3. Enter your code as pictured in the final step and tap APPLY

Entering Your Coupon Code

Hotel Coupon

Step 1


Enter your dates and choose your hotel.

On the hotel selection page, look for the 'Choose Hotel' button next to your desired hotel

Step 2


Select the room you prefer.

expedia screenshot and arrow pointing to a reserve button

Package Vacation

Step 1


Choose your hotel and room

expedia screenshot and arrow pointing to Select button

Step 2


Choose your flights
screenshot with flight choice circled

Step 3


Look for the link FINAL DETAILS and click it

screenshot with Final Details button circled

Car Rental

Step 1/1


On the homepage, click on “CARS”, then “I HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE”. A number of options will drop down. Choose your rental car company, and enter your discount code.

expedia.com screenshot with arrow pointing to I HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE link

Coupon Summary

Depending on the Expedia product you’re booking, coupons are redeemed in different ways. When booking a hotel, navigate to the page labeled ‘Secure Booking.’ For bundled vacations, you’ll find the coupon entry field on the ‘Review and Book’ page. To apply a coupon to a rental car, simply enter the code on the homepage before clicking ‘Search.’ However, if you’re hoping to use a promo code for a flight, please note that Expedia does not accept coupons for flight bookings.

Expedia Coupon Report Card

D Not easy to find
D Difficult to find link
D Must pay in full on booking


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