Where Do I Enter a Coupon on Expedia?

Have you got an Expedia web coupon or promotional code and don’t know where to put it? If you are asking “where do I enter a coupon on Expedia?” then follow these simple steps outlined below. The Expedia website says that you must be signed into your expedia user account in order to use a coupon, but when we tried to book a holiday and use a coupon we found this step wasn’t necessary.

Desktop Instructions


Step 1

To redeem your code towards a package holiday, first choose your hotel

Where Do I Enter My expedia coupon

Step 2

Choose your room

expedia step 3

Step 3

Choose your outgoing flight

step four

Step 4

Choose your return flight

step five

Be aware that your experience may differ as they change the user experience frequently. If you are looking for how to use a mobile coupon using the Expedia App, then go to this page and scroll to the bottom and follow the instructions under Mobile Coupons. Have a flight, rental, hotel, or package holiday coupon question? We’ve got answers below.


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