Where do I enter my Travelocity coupon?

Where do I enter my Travelocity coupon?

Where Do I Enter My Travelocity Coupon Code?

Travelocity.com is a premier web destination for travellers looking for real world destinations. They offer promotional and coupon codes, however many are confused when it comes time to actually use them. The site doesn’t make it terribly easy, nevertheless follow the steps below and you will have no problem answering the question “where do I enter my Travelocity coupon”.


First of all, start with the home page. The site has thousands of options to choose from. To keep things simple we will step through a booking of a package holiday. The location where the coupon code is entered does not change. where do i enter my travelocity coupon



Next, pick the travel destination of your choice and the price you are willing to pay. step 2



Now choose the hotel package you want, and proceed to the next step. step 3



Continue through the next few screens choosing hotel room options and also flights if they are included in the package you’re interested in. step 3



Review your booking, the summary on the right does not include the coupon you are going to use. For now, click CONTINUE BOOKING at the bottom of the page. Finally, go to step six. step 5


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