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Where Do I Enter My Hotels.com Coupon?

Last updated Apr 22, 2024 | Published on Jul 20, 2015

Hotels.com provides money-off discount codes through email to subscribers or on various coupon sites. Often, a promotional code is available on the homepage with instructions for redemption during checkout. Follow these steps to answer the question “Where do I enter my Hotels.com coupon?”.

How to Enter a Hotels.com Coupon

1. Choose a Hotel

Navigate to the city you plan on visiting and choose your accommodation. Click on desired hotel for more details and to view amenities.

How to enter a hotels.com coupon - Step 1: On the mobile version of hotels.com, a black arrow points to a sample hotel listing

2. Choose a Room

Review the options and once you are ready to proceed with the booking click RESERVE.

How to enter a hotels.com coupon - Step 2: A black arrow points to a link with the text 'RESERVE'

3. Pay in full

Some hotels require this step. When offered the option to PAY IN FULL, carefully review the terms, as certain coupons can only be used if you choose to pay in full during booking.

How to apply a hotels.com coupon - Step 3: A black arrow points a PAY NOW link.

Entering the Coupon

After choosing the option to pay in full, look for the ‘Summary’ section to see a link for applying your code. Click on “Apply a coupon code,” and a box will appear for you to type in the code.


So where do you enter a Hotels.com coupon? Begin by browsing and selecting your accommodation. Review the options and when you’re ready to book, click on “RESERVE”. To complete your booking, choose “PAY NOW” and apply the discount by entering your coupon under the “SUMMARY” section.

About Hotels.com

Hotels.com simplifies travel by offering a wide selection of accommodations worldwide. Easily find the perfect stay, from budget rooms to luxury resorts, through a user-friendly interface. Enjoy exclusive deals and a rewarding loyalty program, backed by 24/7 customer support. Ideal for value-seeking travelers, Hotels.com delivers a seamless booking experience. Start exploring travel possibilities effortlessly. Since 1991, it has been a top choice for booking various lodgings, ensuring memorable trips with confidence and convenience.


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