Where Do I Enter My Hotels.com Coupon?

Hotels.com offers money-off discount codes in various ways. Either through email to a subscriber list, or through a post on various coupon sites. Many times there is a promotional code offered when you arrive at the home page. When that happens there are also instructions to redeem it during the checkout process. However, it’s very easy to complete the checkout process and miss the opportunity to use it. Follow these simple steps and learn how to redeem your hotels.com promo codes.

Where Do I Enter My Hotels.com Coupon?

Where Do I Enter My Hotels.com Coupon?

Step 1

What device are you using?

desktop Desktop (go to step 2)

Step 2

Navigate to the city you plan on visiting and choose accommodation. Click CHOOSE ROOM for more details and features.

where do i enter step one

Step 3

Verify that you are happy with all the amenities offered and when you are ready click BOOK NOW.

hotels coupon step two

Step 4

Clicking Book Now in the previous step simply takes you further down the page and you can choose the type of room that you desire. Choose a room and now move on to LET’S BOOK.
hotels coupon step three

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