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5 Tips To Avoid Online Shopping Scams

01. Ignore Unexpected Texts

Scammers use the news as their source material to create fake deals and scare consumers into thinking that they’re getting a good deal. If you do receive an unsolicited email or a text message that says a deal is available, assume that it’s fraudulent.

02. Beware Free Shipping Offers

Due to the shortages caused by supply chain issues, many retailers have started offering unrealistic shipping promises. As a result, many consumers fall for these schemes.

03. Don’t Log In

If you’re able to complete the purchase as guest, consider doing so. It may not be as convenient as logging in. The store wont remember your preferences for example. But don’t provide too much information just to get a good deal. Doing so could allow someone to use that info for future scams.

04. Make Sure This Is IRL

Look for a physical address. Legitimate online stores should have a working phone number and a physical address, which should be clearly indicated in their contact section.

05. Credit Trumps Debit

The upside to debit is it’s possible to avoid getting into debt by using a debit card, but credit cards are more consumer-friendly. They can provide better protection against unauthorized transactions.

Federal law limits the liability of consumers for unauthorized charges to $50. And since your debit card is tied to your bank account, it can take a long time before a purchase is invalidated. If you use a credit card, it may just take a few minutes before it’s invalidated.