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Where Do I Put My AJ Madison Coupon?

Last updated Apr 22, 2024 | Published on Apr 19, 2022

Step 1: Navigate to your item

Browse the site and choose your product

How to use an AJ Madison coupon - Step 1: A screenshot of ajmadison.com with a black arrow pointing at a sample item

Step 2: Click ADD TO CART

On the product page, add the item to your cart as shown

How to use an AJ Madison coupon - Step 2: A black arrow pointing at a link with the text ADD TO CART

Step 3: Enter Your Promo Code

You will see a link as pictured

aj madison final step

Bottom Line

To apply an AJ Madison coupon, wait until the ‘Cart’ page. Look under the ‘Order Summary’ section,  and you’ll find an option to input your promo code.


1. Add an item to your CART
2. You’ll immediately be taken to your cart
3. Under ORDER SUMMARY you will see a link marked ADD PROMO CODE

About AJ Madison:

AJ Madison.com offers a range of home appliances from brands like Bosch, Samsung, and GE. The site includes kitchen gadgets, laundry machines, and air conditioning units. The interface allows for easy comparison of products based on specifications, brand, and price. Explore AJ Madison for a straightforward shopping experience, designed to enhance your home with the appliances you need.