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Where Do I Enter The Coupon On Ulta?

Founded by Richard Osco in 1990, Ulta is the leading cosmetics and fragrance chain in America. The goal of the chain was simple – to offer the widest selection of beauty products and brands, both high-end and drug-store quality, all under one roof.

Where Do I Enter The Coupon On Ulta?

Step 1


Add an Ulta product to your bag

How to enter an ulta coupon - Step 1: An arrow points to a link with the text ADD TO BAG on the mobile version of ulta.com

Step 2


In the top right corner of the page, click the shopping cart icon

How to enter an ulta coupon - Step 2: An arrow points to a shopping cart icon on ulta.com

Key Takeaway

Ulta coupons are entered in the Shopping Bag. In the Shopping Bag, locate and tap the “Add coupon code” link. Tap the ‘+’ icon to reveal the coupon entry box. Enter your coupon code and tap APPLY.

Ulta Coupon Report Card

A Easy to find
A Early in checkout
A No login

Easy to find

Our COUPON REPORT CARD gives Ulta straight A’s in the three areas we rank. First of all, Ulta coupons are easy to find and the best place to find them is not on the big deals sites. The best place to find Ulta deals is on their very own coupon site. Easy to find coupons is a great start, but there’s more good news…

Used early in checkout

Our next ranking point is how soon in the payment process are you able to enter the coupon. Too late in the process and shoppers get nervous that they have missed their chance to redeem their code. On Ulta, the link is on the very first page, the page they call their SHOPPING BAG. This is well before any credit card details are requested. Top marks again.

No login

Finally, our third rating is based on whether the customer needs to login before using the code. The anwer is no on this site, and we love that. Overall, the usage of promo codes on this site is an easy and smooth experience.


1. Add an item to your BAG
2. Click the shopping bag icon in the top right corner
3. From inside your ‘Shopping Bag’ find the link “Add coupon code”
4. Click the ‘+’ icon to open the coupon box
5. Paste or type the coupon into the field that opens and hit APPLY


With over 500 brands and more than 25,000 products in makeup, hair, and fragrances, Ulta has earned its reputation for being the go-to makeup store across America. It is the staple store that almost all makeup artists, hair-stylists, and consumers of beauty products rely on as their one-stop beauty shop.

But what’s better for a beauty fanatic than browsing a store full of makeup goodies, sampling them as they go? Having all of the options show-cased in one place, so that they can be accessed from the comfort of your home. Ulta’s website is as versatile and user-friendly as it’s concept for beauty: Everything from makeup to the tools, to hair and fragrance products for both men and women are organized in a categorical order making browsing, shopping, and finding your next favorite product a breeze.


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