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How To Use a Coupon on Trip.com

Any trip has the potential to create amazing memories with the people you love. Of course, the greatest memories for many of us include making sure we get the best deal possible. To that end, follow the steps below and find an answer to the question “Where Do I Enter The Coupon On Trip.com?”

How to use a coupon on Trip.com

For a hotel: Enter the coupon code on the same page as you enter GUEST INFO (see below for a pic)
For a flight: Enter a coupon code on the same page as you enter PASSENGER info (pictured below)


Step 1

Are you booking a hotel or a flight?

About Trip.com

While brick and mortar travel agents are rapidly in decline, the number of online booking sites keeps growing. The good news is, they are full of new airlines and hotels clamoring for your business. However, travelers can be easily overwhelmed with choices. As its name indicates, trip.com will help you cut through the noise and find affordable flight and travel deals.

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