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Where do I Enter the Coupon on Sephora?

In 1970 a French artist and businessperson named Dominique Mandonnaud established the fragrance store in France. After establishing a network of self service outlets he subsequently acquired a shop, in Paris called Sephora. The first Sephora store in the United States was opened in 1998 followed by its debut in Canada in 2004. Presently Sephora operates than 2,500 stores across 35 countries worldwide.

How To Use a Coupon On Sephora

Step 1

Add a product to your bag

How to redeem a Sephora coupon - Step 1:  A screenshot of sephora.com with an arrow pointing to a button labelled "add to basket"

Step 2

Click the VIEW BAG & CHECKOUT link

How to redeem a Sephora coupon - Step 2:  A screenshot of sephora.com with an arrow pointing to a button labelled "view basket"

Step 3

You will see the link to add a coupon code on the right-hand side as pictured

How to redeem a Sephora coupon - Step 3

Bottom Line

Short Answer: Sephora coupons are entered in “The Basket”, before tapping ‘Checkout’. A link with the text ‘View Featured Offers’ is followed by a box in which a coupon is entered.


Step one: Add an item to your basket
Step two: Choose ‘VIEW BASKET’
Step three: Scroll down (important!) The link can be found here (we’ve added a picture in step three below)

About Sephora

What makes Sephora so appealing to millions of customers? It’s primarily due to their collection of over 340 brands and an enormous selection of products available at their stores.  Moreover Sephora revolutionized the shopping experience with their environment that originated from their very first store. This unique concept allows customers to try out products before making a purchase decision while receiving expert guidance from trained staff members who provide valuable advice and assistance. Additionally Sephora offers beauty classes and makeup tutorials to enhance customer knowledge and skills.