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Where Do I Enter The Coupon on Reebok?

Last updated Apr 29, 2024 | Published on Nov 9, 2022

Reebok Coupon Report Card

A  Easy to find
A  Early in checkout
A  No login is needed 

How to enter a Coupon on Reebok

Step 1

Find a product and add it to your shopping cart. A popup will confirm this action.

How to redeem a Reebok coupon - Step 1: On reebok.com, an arrow points to the ADD TO CART button

Step 2

Next, this popup will immediately confirm this action. You can choose to view your cart now or continue shopping.
How to redeem a Reebok coupon - Step 2: On reebok.com, a popup gives the option to CHECKOUT

Step 3

At the top of this page click “Show order summary”

How to redeem a Reebok coupon - Step 3 - Show order summary

Step 4

A box will now appear in which you can enter your coupon

How to redeem a Reebok coupon - Step 4 Apply code

Bottom Line

A Reebok coupon is applied during checkout. Look for a link with the text ‘Show Order Summary’. Click that link and a box will open, along with an ‘Apply’ button.

Coupon Report Card

We compiled a REEBOK COUPON REPORT CARD and gave the site our best rating for all things promo code related. Their codes can be found on every major deals site for starters. Another mark in their favor is the ease in which a code can be applied. Instead of being hidden on the back end of the payment process where it could be easily missed, it’s visible on the very first page. Top marks all around.