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How to Use a Coupon On Oakley

Over its 45-year history, Oakley has gone from a niche company operating out of a California garage to a global conglomerate with worldwide brand recognition. In the 1980s, Oakley was well-known in the extreme sports community. By the 1990s, celebrity athletes like Michael Jordan raised the brand’s profile. 

How to use a coupon on Oakley:

Step one: Add an item to your bag
Step two: Choose ‘Go to Bag’
Step three: Scroll down (important!) and the link will appear

Still unsure? We’ve added pics below.

Step 1

Find your item and ADD TO CART

enter a coupon on oakley - arrow pointing at ADD TO BAG

Step 2

A slide-over will appear, when it does click ‘GO TO CART’
step two - go to bag

Key Takeaway

Start by adding an item to your bag. Then, select ‘Go to Bag’ to view your selected items. It’s important to scroll down on this page, as the link to apply your coupon will appear further down.

About Oakley

In the 2000s, Oakley was bought by Italian luxury brand Luxottica which continued its expansion. During that time, the company has expanded its line to include sports performance equipment and apparel. But through all its changes, Oakley’s innovative designs and emphasis on performance rather than fashion make it the go-to eyewear for professional athletes in the cycling and skiing worlds.

While classic designs, like the Holbrook and Frogskins, have become iconic, Oakley continues to innovate, releasing the much-anticipated Kato in May 2021.

Why buy sunglasses that come at a premium price? Several points make this brand stand out from the pack. Their 3-point frames are more stable, comfortable and provide superior optical alignment. Their patented Prizm lens technology enhances color and contrast, allowing for a sharper, more detailed image. Oakleys’ design opens up peripheral vision and provides side protection against sun, wind, and impact. And finally, no other brand allows for such extensive customization of lens and frame color and lens coatings. Oakley frames are all about performance. Whether you are into skiing, cycling, fishing, watersports, or tennis, you’ll find sunglasses customized to the needs of your sport.