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Where Do I Enter The Coupon on eVitamins?

eVitamins, a established company since 1999 has formed partnerships with, over 600 companies. This extensive network enables eVitamins to offer customers a range of top notch supplements. Follow the tutorial below to answer the question “Where Do I Enter The Coupon on eVitamins?”

eVitamins Coupon Report Card

A Easy to find
C Late in checkout
D  Login is needed

How to Enter the Coupon on eVitamins

Step 1


During checkout, add your shipping details

How to Enter the Coupon on eVitamins - Step 1: On the eVitamins website, a black arrow points to a link with the text CONTINUE

Step 2


Enter credit card details or choose paypal

How to Enter the Coupon on eVitamins - Step 2: A black arrow points to a link with the text ADD A PAYMENT METHOD

Step 3


You will now see a box as pictured

How to Enter the Coupon on eVitamins -  3

Coupon Summary

There is no smooth sailing in trying to use coupon codes on evitamins. Our REPORT CODE gives them high mark for readily available codes, however the coupon is applied after credit card details are submitted. This has proven to be unpopular with shoppers as they like to see deals applied prior to this step. Also, the need to login before being able to redeem a code is unpopular among customers. So low marks all around.

About eVitamins

eVitamins operates as a store that specializes in providing a selection of vitamins and supplements. The website features a search bar that allows shoppers to easily find products by name or explore different categories. Additionally the homepage showcases a “Top Picks” section highlighting some of the items available on the site. Customers can add products to their cart. Securely proceed through the checkout process.

In addition, to vitamins and supplements the eVitamins website also offers an array of health and beauty products for customers to explore. Customers have the option to purchase items, like hair care products, cosmetics and skincare products from the website. Additionally they offer a range of health related products such as detox kits and probiotics. EVitamins provides shipping for orders above $50 and assures customer satisfaction for all their products.


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