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Where Do I Enter the Coupon on Everlane?

Everlane.com does not accept coupon codes. Instead, you can redeem a Gift Code by following the instructions below.

Where Do I Enter the Coupon on Everlane?

Where Do I Enter the Coupon on Everlane?

Step 1

A box will open in the top left corner. In it, you can CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT.
step one

Step 2

Fill in your shipping address.
step 3

Step 3

Enter your credit card information, and click NEXT.
step 4

Step 4

You will see the link to enter your code as pictured
step 3

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Everlane.com is an online/brick and mortar clothing store with a difference. Yes, it sells high-quality clothes for both men and women, and yes they ship products all over the world, and yes they offer a product range that includes shoes, tees, shirts, polos, handbags, and backpacks.

But more than any of that, over the years Everlane.com has made a name for itself as a company that gives back. They have made their factories and the people who work there a part of the experience. They sincerely want to include the stories and experiences of these ones into the garment you are buying. Very socially conscious, they regularly give back to wellness and education programs in the various communities where the factories are located.

Loyal Following

It is perhaps these touching extras that turn customers from one-time visitors to a part of their loyal cultlike following, and deservedly so. Customers can also visit Everlane’s two new physical stores located, one on each coast, in New York City, and San Francisco. Want some private shopping time? If you’re New York based, Everlane allows customers to book an appointment with what amounts to a personal shopper. In a nutshell, Everlane.com provides its customers with high-quality clothes, reasonable prices, and appeals to the socially conscious.
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