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How to Enter a Coupon on Chewy

Steps to use a Chewy coupon:

1. Add your item to your cart
2. When ready, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
3. After signing in, look for the page that asks for your shipping address.
4. You will see the field under ORDER SUMMARY. Type in your code and hit APPLY

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Still not sure? Follow our tutorial below (with pics)

Where Do I Enter The Coupon on Chewy?

Step 1


Add your item to the CART

How to use a coupon on Chewy Step 1:  A red circle highlights the ADD TO CART button on the mobile version of chewy.com

Step 2


A slide-over will appear, when it does click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

How to use a coupon on Chewy Step 2:  A red circle highlights the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button

Step 3


You will now see a box as pictured

How to use a coupon on Chewy Step 3

Coupon Summary

Applying  a promotional code at Chewy is fairly straightforward. They make no effort to hide the link and it appears early in the checkout process. Overall: A+ Rating. To redeem a promo code begin by adding an item to your shopping cart. A slide out window will appear; click on “Proceed to Checkout” when it does. On the page you will find a designated box where you can input your code alongside your shipping information.


In conclusion, at Chewy, you can enjoy personalized service with vet-approved recommendations customized for your pet’s specific requirements. To take advantage of a promo code, simply add an item to your cart, click “Proceed to Checkout,” and on the checkout page, enter your promo code along with your shipping details.