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Where Do I Enter The Coupon on Carter’s?

For the best in baby and children’s clothing, look no further than Carter’s. The store is known for its selection of fashionable and affordable pieces for kids. From shoes to clothes for newborns, Carter’s has something for everyone. You will find on this page the answer to “Where Do I Enter The Coupon on Carters?”

How to enter a Coupon on Carter’s

Step 1

Add a product to your cart

Where do I enter the coupon on Carter's? Step 1 - A red circle is drawn around a link with the text ADD TO CART on the Carters mobile website

Step 2

Click View Cart

Where do I enter the coupon on Carter's? Step 2 - A red circle is drawn around a link with the text VIEW CART

Key Takeaway

So, how do you apply a coupon on Carter’s? Navigate to the ‘Order Summary’ section during the payment process. There, you’ll find a field labeled ‘promo code.’ Enter your code into this box, either by typing it in or pasting it, and then click ‘apply’ to activate your discount. Make sure to do this step before you proceed to ‘checkout.’

About Carter's

Carter’s organic cotton collection is a gentle embrace for your newborn, crafted with care for sensitive skin. As your little one grows, keep them stylish and comfortable in our range of shorts, dresses, and graphic tees. We also offer cozy matching sets for the whole family, from pajamas to jackets, perfect for creating cherished memories.

Discover our fashionable and affordable selection for every stage, from newborn essentials to trendy outfits for toddlers and practical school uniforms. Take advantage of our dedicated clearance sales to find exceptional deals that respect your budget.

Beyond clothing, Carter’s enriches your child’s world with essential bath items, plush blankets, and versatile diaper bags. Our collection extends to charming accessories and home gifts, including soft bedding and engaging toys, ideal for any special occasion.

Since 1865, Carter’s has been synonymous with innovative designs like the Handi-Cuff mitten sleeve, preventing scratches, and the Jiffon neck, simplifying outfit changes. Trust Carter’s to blend functionality with style, making every moment with your child a joy.