Where Do I Enter The Coupon on American Eagle? (ae.com)

This tutorial answers the question “Where Do I Enter The Coupon on American Eagle”?

Step 1

First of all, add your American Eagle product to your shopping bag.

Step 2

Next,from the side of the page, a slide-over will appear. Click View Bag.
Founded in 1977, American Eagle Outfitters (ae.com) is a clothing and accessories retailer with over one-thousand stores located word-wide. Physical stores of the original AE brand and its sub-brands Aerie and Tailgate are located throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally over 200 stores are located across the world. The company primarily caters to high-school aged children expanding to young adults, and some of their most popular products include jeans, boxer-briefs, lingerie, and swimwear.

Keeping its global consumers in mind, ae.com provides sales of its merchandise through its online store to make its products even more accessible globally. Here, customers from around the world can find men’s and women’s apparel and accessories by navigating through the store’s collection of jeans, bras, swimwear, and sub-brands. Below are a list of the tabs that organize the contents of the online store in the order that they appear, and a snapshot of what you can expect to find under each:

Women – This tab contains all the products of the site catered towards women, including women’s products in the sub-brands Aerie and Tailgate. This tab is perfect for female-shoppers shopping for themselves or other female friends and relatives.

Men – Similar to the “women” tab, this tab contains all of the site’s products that are catered towards men.

Jeans – AEO has a wide and popular collection of jeans for both men and women, so this category lists the company’s different variety of jeans, as well as offers insight and suggestions for current trends in jeans for men and women.

Aerie – Aerie is one of the two sub-brands belonging to AEO that caters to women’s comfort-wear and lingerie needs. This tab exclusively contains Aerie’s specific collection of clothing.

Bras – AEO has a wide collection of bras across the brands, which can all be browsed through this tab.

Swimwear – All of AEO’s collection of swimwear, beach, and sun accessories for men and women can be browsed through this tab.

Tailgate – Tailgate was a popular independent clothing retailer acquired by AEO in 2015. This tab exclusively contains Tailgate’s wide collection of outerwear.

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