Where Do I Enter The Coupon For Sears?

Around since 1886, and familiar to families across North America, this iconic shop has dominated its competition for decades. With a ground-breaking mail order catalog business plan, sears set the standard that all other merchants envied or followed. It’s online efforts have also been impressive, with a well designed site and many coupons to choose from. Follow the steps below to redeem your coupons with no fuss. Find an answer to your question “where do i enter the coupon for sears”.

Step 1

Add your product to your Cart
where do i enter the coupon for sears step two

Step 2

A pop up will appear confirming the addition of the item into the cart. At this point you can continue shopping or continue on the the checkout process. If you’re ready to checkout, click “GO TO CART”.
sears step three
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