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Where Do I Enter The Coupon Code On QVC?

Last updated May 26, 2024 | Published on Aug 31, 2015

Around since 1986, and live 24hrs since 1987, QVC is a worldwide leader in televised home shopping. Deals are offered every moment of the day, and are often further discounted due to coupons available online. But it’s one thing getting a coupon, another thing being able to use it.

How To Use a Coupon Code on QVC

Step 1

To enter a coupon on QVC, start on the product page, and click ADD TO CART.

where do i enter the coupon on qvc? A qvc screenshot and an arrow highlights the "Add To Cart" option.

Step 2

Inside your shopping cart review your order and  click CHECKOUT.

where do i enter the coupon on qvc? A qvc.com screenshot and an arrow points to the "Checkout" button,

Step 3

Begin by entering your email address. Click CONTINUE.

A screenshot showing part of an online checkout process. An arrow points towards the email entry field.

Step 4

Next, you’ll be asked for billing information and a ship-to address. Enter them and hit CONTINUE. Continue entering the requested information until you reach the ORDER REVIEW page in step 5.

Where Do I Enter The Coupon Code On QVC?

Entering the Coupon

To redeem your QVC coupon code, go to the ‘Order Review’ page, the last step before finishing your order. After entering your payment information, put in the code and then click ‘Place Order’ to complete your purchase.


Step 1: Add an item to your CART
Step 2: From inside your CART click CHECKOUT
Step 3: Login using your email address
Step 4: Enter billing and shipping information
Step 5: The promo code can now be entered on the ORDER REVIEW page

QVC Coupon Report Card

C Difficult to use
D Very late in checkout
C A Login is needed 

Poor marks all around for QVC and their use of promo codes. Not asking for the code until so late in the order process causes the shopper to question if they will get the deal at all. You would think that this would be detrimental to their overall business as prospective customers simply abandon their shopping carts.

Another mark against QVC when it comes to redeeming coupons is the need to login in order to make a purchase. There is no way to make a purchase as a guest. The login request comes very quickly as you try to complete the purchase. For this reason, we graded them a C.


So where can your QVC coupon be entered? You can apply your QVC coupon code on the ‘Order Review’ page, which is the final step of your order process. Enter the code after providing your payment details and before you finalize your purchase by clicking ‘Place Order’.


  • QVC has free shipping offers, but they are seldom site-wide. They are attached to specific products.
  • You don’t need to search too far for the best coupons. Current offers are often posted on the top of the homepage. Look for the (red) banner spanning the top of the page.


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