Where Do I Enter The Coupon Code On QVC?

Step 1

To enter a coupon on QVC, start on the product page, and click ADD TO CART.

Step 2

Inside your shopping cart review your order and when you are satisfied with the purchase, click CHECKOUT.

Step 3

Start the checkout process by entering your email address. Click CONTINUE.


  • QVC has free shipping offers, but they are seldom site-wide. They are attached to specific products. An entire list of free shipping items is available here.
  • You don’t need to search too far for the best coupons. Current offers are often posted on the top of the homepage. Look for the (red) banner spanning the top of the page?

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Having been around since 1986, and live 24hrs since 1987 QVC, is a worldwide leader in televised home shopping. Deals are offered every moment of the day, and these deals are often further discounted because of coupons available online. But it’s one thing getting a coupon, another thing being able to use it.

If you are wondering where to enter the coupon code for QVC, we have simplified the checkout process into seven easy steps.