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Where do I enter Buy Buy Baby coupons?

BuyBuyBaby.com offers a variety of promotions that can be applied to their infant and baby products. They also have gift cards and merchandise credit vouchers. However, many are confused about where to enter the actual codes. Please follow the simple steps below and you should not have an issue in answering the question “where do I enter buybuy baby coupons”.

Step 1

Add the product to your shopping cart.

A screenshot of buybuybaby. An arrow points to ADD TO CART button

Step 2

When you are ready to checkout, click VIEW CART AND CHECKOUT.
A screenshot of buybuybaby. An arrow points to a VIEW CART AND CHECKOUT link

Step 3

Click MY OFFERS and then enter your email address and mobile phone number. Any offers associated with your account are attached to your email and phone number. 

Or, if you have a paper coupon, click ADD A PAPER COUPON and fill in the information requested.

A screenshot of buybuybaby.

Step 4

You can now apply any promotions associated with your account.

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Bottom Line

To use a coupon, start the checkout process and select “My Offers.” Input your email and mobile number to link any deals to your account. For paper coupons, choose “Add a Paper Coupon” and provide the necessary details. This allows you to apply all your account’s promotions.

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In conclusion, to redeem a coupon, either enter your email and mobile at checkout under “My Offers” or select “Add a Paper Coupon” and input the details to apply your account’s promotions. Remember, BuyBuyBaby offers a comprehensive online shopping experience for all baby essentials, featuring a personalized registry and expert advice.