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Where Do I Enter a coupon on Autozone.com?

AutoZone is a leading distributor of replacement automotive parts and accessories in the United States. Coupons and deals can easily be found, but many people have trouble knowing how to redeem them. We’ve got you covered, simply follow the outlined steps below and answer the question “Where Do I Enter Autozone Coupons?”.

Where Do I Enter a coupon on Autozone.com?

Step 1

Navigate to the shopping cart.

where do i enter the coupon on autozone - Step 1: An arrow points to the shopping cart icon on the autozone mobile website

Short Answer

You can enter the coupon code on the My Cart page under ORDER SUMMARY. If the box does not appear it is likely be that your purchase cannot be discounted. For example, if you are purchasing overweight or oversized items you also may not be able to use a coupon. Certain other product categories or types are not eligible for further discounts such as some car batteries.



  • Orders of $75 or more are often free because of a standing long term deal
  • The best deals are often sent to those who have signed up to the mailing list
  • Sign up of for a store card and save even more on future purchases
  • Return online purchases in-store for a full refund
  • Purchase Autozone gift cards on eBay for less than face value.

Timed purchase.

As part of our research into the shopping experience on Autozone we conducted a quick experiment. The focus was on two things, the ease of locating a product and the ease in which we redeemed our coupon. The purchase was timed as that was determined to be an effective gauge as any of the site’s ease of use. It was decided ahead of time to purchase new wiper blades for a 2017 Ford Edge. When we entered the site, we immediately typed in WIPER BLADES. The suggested search was for WINDSHIELD WIPER BLADE, so we clicked on that suggestion. Next, we came to a useful tool where it offered to make sure the wiper blade we choose would fit. After entering our car details, many options appeared on the screen of suitable blades. We added one to our cart and were able to enter our coupon, in a total time of 1:46 (One minute and forty-six seconds). That is an excellent result.