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Where to enter a Dell coupon

Step 1

Add an item to your cart

After browsing the site, add your item to your cart.

Where Do I Enter a Dell Coupon? Step one - A red circle highlights a link with the text ADD TO CART on the mobile version of Dell.com

Step 2

Click Green Bar

A few options will be presented, choose them or click NEXT STEP

Where Do I Enter a Dell Coupon? Step 2 - A red circle highlights a link with the text NEXT STEP: ACCESSORIES

Bottom Line

Dell coupons are entered in the CART before checkout begins. You will see a field labelled ENTER CODE and an ‘Apply Coupon’ button.


1. Add an item to your CART
2. Choose from some optional purchases
3. Add accessories, and click CHECKOUT
4. Inside the CART enter your coupon underneath the DELL REWARDS section

About Dell

Dell.com is your tech hub, packed with the latest in computers, gadgets, and all the extras. Whether you’re a tech buff or a pro in the field, this site makes shopping smooth. Check out their top-tier laptops, desktops, and servers, plus custom solutions for both work and play. Easy to use and with suggestions just for you, Dell.com makes finding what you need simple. And don’t miss out on special deals that bring the newest tech within reach. Dell stands out with its strong support team and commitment to going green.


In conclusion, Dell.com stands out for its provision of cutting-edge technology, shopping experience, and personalized solutions. Remember, when using Dell coupons, input them in the shopping cart before proceeding to checkout, where you’ll find the ‘Enter Code’ field and ‘Apply Coupon’ button.