How Do I Use HSN Coupons?

The HSN is an American institution, and as popular as ever. Hundreds of deals each day appeal to every age and lifestyle. However there is no need to be content with the prices as they are advertised on the network, no matter how low. Plenty of coupons are available that will lower the asking price to levels that make great deals even better. However, once you have a coupon, finding the box where you can enter it can be a challenge. Below we’ve outlined steps to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to save by answering the question “how do I use HSN coupons”?

Step 1

For the purpose of this example we will presume you have seen something on air that you want to purchase. Proceed to the SHOP ALL ON AIR TODAY link and start your search.

How Do I Use HSN Coupons

Step 2

Navigate to your product and after choosing from any options offered, click ADD TO BAG.

hsn step two

Step 3

Once the product is added to your shopping bag, it seems to disappear. However, the shopping bag can be found in the top right corner of the page as pictured.

hsn  step 3

Step 4

The checkout process starts with you confirming the quanity and payment options of your purchase. Once you are content, click CHECKOUT.

step four

Step 5

Choose to sign into an existing account, use your social media login, or our favorite – click CHECKOUT AS GUEST.

step five