Where Do I Enter My Coupon For Vistaprint?

The checkout process at Vistaprint.com is longer than usual, and designed to coax you into spending more money than you were planning to. If you have a promotional coupon code, then you may feel uneasy about getting too far into the checkout process without using it. However, follow these steps and you will easily see where it can be entered. Follow the steps below and answer the question “Where do I enter my coupon for Vistaprint?”.

Step 1

Once your product is created, check the box at the bottom of the page indicating that you have double checked that all the information is correct. Once that is done, proceed to the next screen by clicking NEXT.

There will be 2 or 3 similiar screens, depending on what product you’re buying.


Step 2

The next step is to choose the quantity of your product. Do so, and proceed to the next screen by clicking NEXT. The next few screens will also ask you to choose envelopes, and quality of paper. Make your choices and click NEXT

Step 3

Ultimately this process just degrades into vistaprint trying to keep you adding things to your shopping cart. There is no need to view any of their offers, and you can go straight to the checkout at this point. Click GO TO CART.

Step 4

At this point in the checkout process, simply choose how you would like to pay – either paypal or through the regular cart system. From this point on we’ll presume you are using the normal checkout, not paypal.

Step 5

Enter your delivery details and to save time, also check the box USE THIS ADDRESS AS MY BILLING ADDRESS if it applies.