Where Do I Enter My Coupon For Vistaprint?

The checkout process at Vistaprint.com is longer than usual, and designed to coax you into spending more money than you were planning to. If you have a promotional coupon code, then you may feel uneasy about getting too far into the checkout process without using it. However, follow these steps and you will easily see where it can be entered. Follow the steps below and answer the question “Where do I enter my coupon for Vistaprint?”.

Step 1

Vistaprint has a huge variety of items to personalize and design. Choose your item and follow the steps in uploading your images.

Step 2

Complete the design process and approve it.

Step 3

Sign in, or check out as a guest.

Step 4

You will be offered a variety items to add to your order. If you are not interested, simply click GO TO CART at any time.