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Where Does The Lush Coupon Go?

Last updated Apr 3, 2024 | Published on Nov 9, 2016

Lush Cosmetics do not accept coupons. The tutorial below is for redeeming a gift card. If you are in need of a discount at LUSH, a good place to start is eBay or a discounted gift card online store.

Where Do I Enter The Lush Coupon?

Step 1

Since LUSH does not offer coupons, an option for getting a valid discount on LUSH is by using a discounted LUSH gift card. If you have one, it can be entered on the BILLING & PAYMENT page.

LUSH step one. Screenshot of lush.com

About LUSH

Lush.com thrives at the crossroads of fresh, handmade cosmetics and a heart for the planet, serving up everything from fizzing bath bombs to nourishing skincare. It’s a haven for those who crave beauty products that are kind to animals and the earth. What sets Lush apart? Their clear-cut dedication to green practices and top-quality ingredients. Ready for some self-care that feels good and does good? Lush is your go-to.