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How Do I Use My ProFlowers Coupon?

Last updated Apr 26, 2024 | Published on Jun 21, 2022

ProFlowers.com is a leading provider of fresh flowers that are delivered to your door. With over thirty million bouquets sent and counting, the company is known for its customer satisfaction. Follow the tutorial below to answer the question “How Do I Use My ProFlowers Coupon?”

How to Redeem a ProFlowers Coupon

Step 1


Begin by clicking the button on the slideover

How to redeem a proflowers coupon: A screenshot of proflowers.com with an arrow pointing to a black checkout button

Step 2


You will now see a link as pictured

How to redeem a proflowers coupon Final step

Bottom Line

Short Answer: Proflowers coupons are entered during checkout on the same page as delivery information is requested.  A box with the heading “HAVE A COUPON CODE” will be visible.

About Proflowers

ProFlowers.com brings the flower shop to your screen, offering a lush selection of arrangements and gifts. They pick straight from the growers, so every petal is perfect. Whether it’s a birthday bash or an anniversary, they’ve got the blooms for it. Perfect for anyone needing a swift, sure floral fix. Their secret? Smart shipping, top-notch service, and a site that’s a breeze to use.