How Do I Use a Promotional Code on Groupon?

How Do I Use a Promotional Code on Groupon?

How To Use a Promo Code or Giftcard on Groupon

Everything about Groupon is easy, from finding deals to checking out. The only difficult part for many is noticing where to enter the promotional or gift code. We’ve broken the job down into four easy to follow steps.


Starting with the homepage, browse for a deal that you are interested in.

groupon step one



Once you are happy with the small print, confirm you purchase by clicking BUY!

step two



You cannot go any further unless you are signed in. You can sign in with a Facebook account to your Groupon login. If you sign in with facebook, you may still need to create a groupon account. However all the information is automatically populated for you. Once ready, hit the SIGN IN button.

step four



Look over the item in your cart and PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

groupon step 3




  • Giftcards and coupon codes are entered into the same field, the same instructions apply
  • Always, and we mean always, check the big deals sites before you finalize your purchase. An extra few percentage points is worth the quick look.


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