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How to use a Myer Coupon

The company has gained a reputation in Australia due to its extensive presence. It operates stores throughout the country alongside an online store. Moreover their dedication to staying up to date with the trends and offering international food and beverage options is evident in their childrens products. Follow the tutorial below to answer the question “How Do I Use a Myer Coupon?”

Myer Coupon Report Card

A  Easy to find
A  Early in checkout
A  No login is needed 

How Do I Use a Myer Coupon?

Step 1


Add an item to your bag

How to use a Myer Coupon - Step 1: A sample purchase begins on Myer.com. An arrow directs attention to a button with text "Add To Bag"

Step 2


Begin to checkout

How to use a Myer Coupon - Step 2: A sample purchase continues on Myer.com, an arrow directs attention to a link with text "VIEW BAG AND CHECKOUT"

Step 3


The link will be as shown below

How to use a Myer Coupon - Step 3

Bottom Line

A promo code can be entered during payment once inside the page with the heading ‘My Bag’. There will be a text link with the words ‘Discount Code’. Paste your code here and tap ‘Add’

Coupon Summary

Our MYER COUPON REPORT CARD shows straight A’s, no issues here. The process is straightforward with none of the issues other sites sometimes have. These often include things such as the coupon box not being visible until late in the payment process, and the need to login with an account to see the coupon field.  Avoiding these traps means a good customer promo code experience on Myer.

About Myer

Sidney Myer, hailing from Belarus, landed in Australia in 1899 and set up Myer’s Emporium, turning it into a retail hit. Opening first in Victoria, he ran it until the 1930s; then his siblings stepped in. Now, Myer is a big name in Australian retail, with over 14,000 staff since 1900. It’s a go-to for everything from fashion to beauty, hailed as Australia’s top department store. Shoppers score big with Myer coupons on brands like Levis and Tommy Hilfiger, making it a hotspot for deals.


In review, Myer is a prominent Australian department store chain known for offering a wide range of products. We give Myer a positive evaluation for simplicity and accessibility in the coupon application process.  Simply add an item to your bag and tap checkout. On the page with the heading ‘My Bag’, paste your code in the field labelled DISCOUNT CODE.