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How Do I Use a Michaels Coupon?

Last updated Apr 3, 2024 | Published on Jun 15, 2022

Steps to use a Michaels coupon:

1. Stock up your CART with items
3. In the CART will see a field for Rewards/Discount codes under SUMMARY
4. Enter your code and press APPLY

Report Card:  A+ (Very Easy)
Still having trouble? No problem, we’ve posted the tutorial below (with illustrations)

Step 1


Add an item to your cart

How To Use a Michaels Coupon - Step 1: On the Michaels website, an arrow points to a red button with the text ADD TO CART

Step 2


Confirm your choice and start to checkout

How To Use a Michaels Coupon - Step 2: On the Michaels website, a popup appears. An arrow points to the link with text "View Cart & Checkout"

Coupon Summary

Redeeming your promo code on Michaels is very easy. To their credit they put the box to enter the code in a prominent spot on their checkout page. They make no attempt to hide it further along in the process. For that we give them an A+, well done.

About Michaels

Michaels.com is your go-to spot for arts and crafts galore, perfect for DIY buffs, hobby lovers, and pros in the making. They’re all about sparking your creative fire, offering everything from paints and scrapbook goodies to festive decor. Plus, their workshops and project tips are just the nudge you need to get started. Michaels is big on celebrating creativity, drawing in folks ready to turn their ideas into reality. Got a project in mind? Michaels.com is waiting. Eager to get creative? Michaels has all the supplies and inspo you could ask for.


Michaels.com is known for its range of supplies, offering everything from decorations to fine art materials for crafters and artists. To use a coupon on Michaels, select your items and go to checkout. On the checkout page, you will see a field labelled ‘Promo Code’ under ‘Order Summary’.