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How Do I Use a Coupon on Life Is Good?

Life is Good, Inc., a renowned purveyor of apparel and accessories for all ages, is celebrated for its signature smiling stick figure, Jake, adorning its diverse range. The brand consistently earns accolades for its amiable and efficient customer service. To learn how to apply a coupon on Life is Good, refer to the following guide.

How To Use a Life Is Good Coupon 

Step 1


Choose an item and add it to your cart

How to use a Life is Good coupon - Step 1: A black arrow points to a blue button with the text 'Add to Cart' on lifeisgood.com

Step 2


A pop-up will confirm your order, when it does click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

How to use a Life is Good coupon - Step 2: A black arrow points to a link with the text 'PROCEED TO CHECKOUT' on lifeisgood.com

Bottom Line

A Life is Good coupon can be entered on the page with the heading ‘CHECKOUT – REVIEW AND PLACE YOUR ORDER’. On that page there will be link with the text ‘PROMO CODE? CLICK HERE TO REDEEM’

Origins of Life is Good

In the early ’90s, brothers John and Bert Jacobs embarked on a journey that transformed simple T-shirts into symbols of optimism. Their initial venture of selling tees from their van evolved when 48 shirts sold at a street fair marked the beginning of “Life is Good.” Today, the brand is a vibrant testament to positivity, with products that range from uplifting apparel to accessories that brighten everyday life.

Lifeisgood.com mirrors this ethos, offering an effortlessly joyful shopping experience. Each product, be it a cheerful tee or a cozy mug, carries a message of hope and resilience. The site’s intuitive design and joyful imagery make exploring its offerings a delight, reflecting the brand’s commitment to spreading positivity.

“Life is Good” extends beyond mere retail, inviting customers into a community of optimism. Its store locator guides you to places where the spirit of the brand comes alive, encouraging a lifestyle that celebrates the good in every moment. Through its journey from a van to a beloved brand, “Life is Good” proves that positivity can indeed transform the world, one T-shirt at a time.


Lifeisgood.com offers a refreshing online space where each click reveals products designed to uplift and spread joy. To use a Life Is Good coupon, start by selecting the item you wish to purchase and click the ‘Add to Cart’ button on lifeisgood.com. Once your item is added, a confirmation pop-up will appear; from there, proceed by clicking on the ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’ link. At the checkout page, you’ll find a box where you can enter your promo code to apply the discount to your order.