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How to use a coupon on Kroger

Step 1


Start to Checkout

Begin the checkout procedure as pictured

How To Use a Coupon On Kroger - Step 1: On Kroger.com, a black arrow points to a text link that says CHECK OUT

Step 2


Click through to Payment

Schedule your order and click Continue

How To Use a Coupon On Kroger - Step 2: On a webpage with the heading 'SCHEDULE YOUR ORDER', a black arrow points to a text link that says CONTINUE

Step 3


Enter Code

You will see the box or link on the right hand side of the page.

kroger final

Bottom Line

A Kroger coupon can be redeemed on the webpage with the heading “COMPLETE YOUR ORDER”, under “4. SUMMARY”


Step one: Start to CHECKOUT
Step two: Schedule your delivery
Step three: On the ‘Complete Your Order’ page, you will see the link under ‘Summary’

About Kroger

Kroger opens up the vast world of America’s biggest supermarket chain, bringing fresh groceries, pharmacy needs, and more right to your screen. Their focus? Making your life easier with top-notch quality and prices that make sense for everyone, from on-the-go families to those keeping an eye on their budget. What’s Kroger’s trick? Staying ahead of the game with tech that smooths out your shopping journey. Need to fill up your pantry without the fuss? Head over to Kroger.com.


Kroger.com offers a convenient online grocery shopping experience, allowing customers to browse a wide selection of fresh produce, pantry staples, and household essentials, all available for pickup or home delivery.  Kroger Coupons can be entere on the screen with the heading COMPLETE YOUR ORDER, before you tap SUMBIT.