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How Do I Use a Coupon On Kroger?

The Cincinnati-based company, which has more than 3,000 stores in the US, is known for its Fresh For Everyone campaign. This campaign aims to ensure that all the fresh food and products that its customers buy are fresh and always delivered fresh. Aside from providing fresh food, the company also aims to reduce food waste and hunger in communities by 2025. Read below to answer the question “How Do I Use a Coupon On Kroger?”

How Do I Use a Coupon On Kroger?


Start to Checkout

Begin the checkout procedure as pictured

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Click through to Payment

Schedule your order and click Continue

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Fast Facts:

Since 1883, Kroger has been serving its customers with unbeatable prices and a variety of fresh food and household products. The company also offers a variety of pet supplies and cleaning supplies. You’ll find everything you need to prepare a balanced and healthy dinner at Kroger. From fresh meat and seafood to produce and bakery items, the grocery store has it all. Use our coupons to save on household cleaning supplies such as Lysol Wipes and paper towels.

Through its new drone delivery pilot, which launched in Cincinnati, the company aims to improve the efficiency and flexibility of its customers’ transactions. According to a company official, the pilot will help inform the company’s future plans.


The company’s new drone delivery system, which is called Drone Express, will allow customers to place an order and receive their packages within an hour. It will also allow them to order supplies for their outdoor activities.

The company is also designing bundled products that cater to the weight limits of drones. These include a variety of baby care bundles, a child wellness bundle, and a S’mores pack. Using the company’s website, customers can place orders within 15 minutes.

The company’s chief technology officer, noted that the capabilities of drones have the potential to improve the lives of their customers. For instance, they can now deliver fresh food to a customer who’s sick. In 2021, the company’s drone delivery pilot started testing flights near a Kroger Marketplace in Ohio.