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How to use a coupon on Hot Topic

Hot Topic is a leading online supplier of clothing inspired by pop culture. The company offers apparel for both men and women, such as t-shirts, tank tops, and jeans, in addition to jewelry, shoes, and backpacks. Its online store also contains clothing for many cultural, athletic, or sports teams. Accessorize yourself with some of the best products catered to your needs from the store’s extensive selection of the quirky. Follow the tutorial below to answer the question “How do I use a coupon on Hot Topic?”

How to use a coupon on HOTTOPIC:

Step 1: Find your product and ADD TO BAG
Step 3: Under ORDER SUMMARY, you will see the field to enter your promo code

Would you like to see it demonstrated? Follow our tutorial below (with pics!):

How to use a coupon on Hot Topic

Step 1

Add to bag

Add an item to your cart and proceed to checkout

How to use a coupon on Hot Topic - Step 1: A screenshot of hottopic.com with a red circle around the text link ADD TO BAG

Step 2

Proceed to checkout

At the top of your screen the link will appear to take you to the checkout

How to use a coupon on Hot Topic - Step 2: A red circle around the text link PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

Bottom Line

A hottopic coupon can be entered on the SHOPPING BAG page, under ORDER SUMMARY, as pictured in step 3

About Hottopic

Since it was first established in 1999, Hot Topic has been known for its selection of unique products that are inspired by various pop culture characters. Whether you’re a superfan of anime or a horror movie enthusiast, you’ll find something that you’re craving at the store.

You can also show your love for your favorite artists by wearing t-shirts that are from some of the most prominent bands. Also, if you’re a fan of pop culture characters such as Sailor Moon, Blackpink, and Marvel, you can also purchase jewelry and makeup bags that are inspired by these characters.
Aside from these, Hot Topic also offers a wide variety of other accessories that are not commonly found in stores. The company’s selection of t-shirts and other products has been known for featuring funny and uplifting images and words.