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How to use a coupon on CVS

With over 10,000 locations across the US, the company is one of America’s largest retailers. Whether you’re looking for household supplies or medications, you can get them all for less with CVS coupons. This guide will show you how to effectively use a CVS coupon.

Steps to use a CVS coupon:

1. Add an item to your CART for shipping or pickup
2. Choose CHECKOUT (only if you’re ready)
3. Under ORDER SUMMARY there will be a link APPLY PROMO CODE

Don’t see it? We’ve made a more complete tutorial below:

How Do I Use a Coupon on CVS?

Step 1


Add a product to your basket

How to use a coupon on CVS - Step 1: A blue circle highlights how to add a product to a shopping basket on the CVS.com mobile website

Step 2


Begin your checkout by tapping the red CHECKOUT button

How to use a coupon on CVS - Step 2: A blue circle highlights a link with the text CHECKOUT

Step 3


You will see a box to apply the coupon as pictured

How to use a coupon on CVS - Step 2: A blue circle highlights a link with the text CHECKOUT

Bottom Line

CVS coupons are entered immediately after tapping CHECKOUT. Look for the heading ORDER SUMMARY, and a link with the text APPLY PROMO CODE. 

About CVS

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For a comprehensive and convenient shopping experience for all your health needs and essentials, choose CVS. Remember, when checking out online, simply navigate to the ORDER SUMMARY and click “APPLY PROMO CODE” to make your CVS coupons work for you.