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article updated Dec 27, 2023 @ 11:37 am

How to Find the Best Deals in your Favorite Stores

To say that online shopping has become more popular than shopping at a brick and mortar store would be an understatement. Everyone loves to do some shopping, and the only thing that feels as satisfying as when your packages arrive is the feeling of knowing you got the best deal possible by taking advantage of discounts and sales.
It takes a little bit of planning and research to find the very best deals and be a smart shopper. Here’s a look at how to find the best deals in your favorite stores.

Timing is Everything

When you’re doing your food shopping or heading out to the bakery you should consider going closer to when the store closes. The food will still be fresh but, because it needs to be sold quickly, the store will often put it on discount or even give it away for free to get rid of it.

Another great idea is to become a seasonal shopper. Fruit is always cheapest when it’s in season and there’s a lot more of it to go around. Buy fruit in bulk when it’s in season and preserve or freeze it to make it last. If you do it properly then you still have great tasting fruit when you defrost it or eat the jam you made with it.

When it comes to clothes you should shop for them when the season is nearly over. Prices are at their highest when the season starts because this is when most people buy their clothes. Instead you should buy them near the end of the season when they are cheaper and then put them away ready for next year.

Preparation is Key

Everyone is guilty of going to the store with a relatively small list and then finding themselves buying a bunch of things they don’t need. You need to stick to just the necessities and avoid buying the things that you feel you might need but know you really don’t. If you’re heading to the store for some milk and eggs then buy just those and avoid that chocolate cake that just looks so delicious. Stick to the shopping list and save your money.

Everything Must Go

No doubt you’ll get excited when you see that dress you’ve had your eyes on for ages has gone on offer, but be smart about it. You know the price will get cut even more eventually. Stores initially reduce prices by around 5-10% at first but this discount can go up to 70% if you wait. Wait a little for the discount to build or you won’t be saving much money in the end. Clearance sales are a good way to get customers, so don’t purchase anything on clearance until the price has really gone down.

There Really is an App for Everything

If the store in question has an app then you need to download it because they sometimes offer discounts and promotions via the app and let you do your shopping online through it. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Knowing what a store has in stock before going in saves you a lot of time and makes shopping much easier.

Notice the Patterns

Different shops have different days for when things are put on sale on their site. You need to become familiar with the patterns. A store might offer discounts on electric items on Wednesday with clothes going on sale on Tuesday. Knowing when different items go on sale makes shopping much easier. You need to get in on a sale quickly to ensure you get something good and aren’t left picking up the scraps that aren’t worth it.