How to use a Victoria’s Secret offer code

How to use a Victoria’s Secret offer code

Where Do I Enter a Victorias Secret coupon?

If you are asking, “Where do I enter a Victorias Secret coupon?” then follow the brief tutorial below.



Navigate to your chosen product, and click ADD TO BAG.

where do i enter a victorias secret coupon



To access your shopping cart(bag), find the bag icon at the top right hand side of page and click it.

victorias step two



A screen will slide from the right, edit your cart or continue to checkout

secret step 3



Enter your billing address, and then continue to deliver

step four



Choose your delivery methods. Then click Continue to offers and payment

victorias step five


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Shopping at the Victorias Secret website shouldn’t be stressful with this step by step guide to redeeming your promotional codes. Victoria’s Secret is the largest American retailer of lingerie, started in 1977 by Roy Raymond. Their online shop, though much newer, is also quickly becoming extremely popular. Find out how to to redeem their offer codes above.

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