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Where Do I Enter My Office Depot Coupon?

Famously thwarted in 2015 in their attempt to merge with competitor Staples, Office Depot carries on as a mainstay big box store found throughout the States. Let’s go step by step through the use of a coupon or promotional code at OfficeDepot.com and Office Max and answer the question “Where Do I Enter My Office Depot Coupon?”.

Where Do I Enter My Office Depot Coupon?

Step 1

When you add your product to your CART, a popup will appear as pictured
How to redeem an Office Depot coupon - Step 1: A screenshot of officedepot.com with an arrow pointing to a link with the text CONTINUE TO CART

Key Takeaway

To redeem Office Depot coupons, navigate to the ‘SHOPPING CART’ page and find the redemption link beneath the ‘ORDER SUMMARY’. Locate the ‘Add Coupon’ field followed by the ‘Add’ button.


  • Before you begin, place your product in the cart
  • Have your coupon ready from Savings.com, or Retailmenot.
  • Open this tutorial on your phone or tablet, and complete your purchase through your laptop. This will ensure the user experience you have is identical to the sample purchase we demonstrate.

About Office Depot

OfficeDepot.com twinkles in the digital universe like a beacon of efficiency, boasting a treasure trove of office supplies, tech wonders, and stylish furniture. Crafted with care by the stalwarts at Office Depot, this online emporium whispers promises of exclusive deals and seamless shopping to every solitary freelancer and bustling corporation alike. Here, a commitment to top-notch quality and the happiness of every customer weaves through the very fabric of the site, offering smart, snappy solutions for sprucing up workspaces and turbocharging productivity. It’s more than a website; it’s your trusted sidekick in the quest for workplace nirvana, making OfficeDepot.com the darling haunt for discerning shoppers and savvy businesses.


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