Where Do I Enter a Gap Coupon?

Coupons for the Gap are not difficult to find. A quick search as this tutorial was prepared revealed a 20% coupon that was successfully applied to our test purchase. The steps start below with the assumption that you have already got a promo code, and you don’t need one. The purpose of the steps outlined below is to help you apply the coupon to your purchase. Follow the seven easy steps below and answer the question “where do I enter a gap coupon” ?.

Step 1

Confirm you purchase, adjust the quantity desired, and to proceed click CHECKOUT.

Step 2

If you are a returning customer, sign in now. Your shipping address will fill automatically. Otherwise click the “+” sign next to GUEST AND NEW CUSTOMER.

Step 3

Fill in your email address and click CONTINUE.

Step 4

You will be asked for your shipping address, fill this out and then choose your preferred delivery method. Next, click CONTINUE.

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