Where Do I Enter the Coupon on Aliexpress?

Where Do I Enter the Coupon on Aliexpress?

Where Do I Enter the Coupon on Aliexpress?

This article answers the question “Where do I enter the coupon on Aliexpress?”.There are two types of coupons available for redemption on Aliexpress (Seller Coupons & AliEpress Coupons), we will show you how and where to enter the coupon in each case.



Coupon are found on the product page. Take note of any coupons that you want to use later in the checkout process, and click on them now to claim.

Where Do I Enter the Coupon on Aliexpress



Add your product to your shopping cart.




A popup will confirm your selection and give you the option to continue to shop, or go straight to the shoppig cart.




Inside the shopping cart, review your purchase and click BUY ALL.





AliExpress is one of the largest multi-product retailers on the internet, boasting over a hundred million individual products and worldwide delivery. Clothing is one of the most popular categories, with both well-known and independent brands represented in their stock. They do, however, sell a huge variety of items, ranging from technology like phones and computers, to jewelry, to toys, to beauty products, and even home improvement tools and motorcycles! AliExpress aims to make themselves a one-stop shopping portal. They do this by hosting listings from individual sellers, acting as the portal through which sellers can find real buyers.

With more and more shopping being done online, it makes sense that a website like AliExpress would take off. While they have battled some accusations of being a scam in the past, they have improved their help center, created a buyer protection program, and have improved their customer service game to make sure that they are seen as legitimate and buyers can shop with confidence. While there are some other websites that offer the same “one-stop-shop” gimmick, none can really compare with the variety of categories and products that this website provides its buyers.

Because the products hosted on AliExpress are provided by individual sellers, sellers can offer their own promotions, including percentage discounts or free shipping. The website also shows you how many pieces have been sold by a seller and buyers have access to reviews left by previous buyers, so they can be sure they are purchasing from a trusted source. The protection programs helps to prevent buyers from becoming victims of scams unscrupulous sellers might be running on the website.

With worldwide shipping, just about any product you could ever want to buy, and protection for buyers, AliExpress is a great option for online shopping.

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