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How Can I Use A Coupon Code at Booking.com?

In the ongoing search for deals, sooner or later your search will lead you to the largest of them all, booking.com. Booking.com is a leader in the travel industry, and since 2005 has been the flagship website of its owner, The Priceline Group. The tutorial below answers the question, “How Can I Use A Coupon Code at Booking.com?”

How Can I Use A Coupon Code at Booking.com

How Can I Use A Coupon Code at Booking.com?

Step 1

Use the search box to see the available deals

How Can I Use A booking coupon step one

Step 2

Choose a hotel

booking coupon step two

Step 3

Decide on a room
step three

Fast Facts:


Booking.com, has a policy of posting the lowest available rates for any given room. Instead, more general sales and discounts are offered that often target specific destinations. These will still save you money, as long as you are flexible in your holiday plans.

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Booking.com provides a wide selection of hotel rooms in different cities around the world. Thousands of hotels are featured in its extensive database, which makes it easy to find the perfect room for your needs. Its easy to browse through the hotel options, as well as its precise filters.


Whether holidaymakers are getting the best possible deals, compared to 10 years ago when startups such as booking.com didn’t exist, is debatable. Recent news articles suggest that prices are kept artificially high in order for hotels to afford the commission rate that web firms like Expedia and booking.com demand. This is because a newly spoken term, ‘rate parity clauses’, often prohibits hotels from offering cheaper rates than sites such as booking.com advertises. Meaning that even if they wanted to, they can’t undercut booking.com in an advertised special. One workaround may be to phone the hotel directly and ask for a cheaper unadvertised rate.