Where do I enter my Best Buy coupon?

We will now step you through the checkout process at bestbuy.com and show you exactly where you can enter your promotional or coupon code. It’s a breeze as long as you know where to look, follow these steps and answer the question “Where Do I Enter My Best Buy Coupon”.

For Best Buy Canada click here.

Desktop Instructions

Step 1

Navigate to the product you are purchasing and click ADD TO CART.

Where do I enter my Best Buy coupon

Step 2

Once you’ve added your item to your shopping cart, a popup may offer you extra merchandise. You can close this window and go straight to your cart by using the link in lower left, “NO THANKS, GO TO CART”.

Where Do I Enter a bestbuy coupon

Step 3

Review your purchase and all the items in your shopping cart, proceed to the CHECKOUT.

Enter a bestbuy coupon 3

Step 4

You will then be asked to SELECT YOUR CHECKOUT METHOD either as a returning customer or a new customer. If you would like to checkout as a guest you may also do so.

Enter a  coupon 4