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Where Do I Enter My Amazon Coupon?

Whether you have an Amazon Gift Card or want to use a promotional code, the checkout process at Amazon might make you nervous. The box you are looking for is part of the checkout, and we will show you where in these easy two steps. If you are wondering where do I enter an amazon coupon, we’ve got you covered.

Where Do I Enter My Amazon Coupon?

Step 1

Confirm your purchase and click Proceed to checkout.

amazon coupon step two
amazon coupon step two

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Once upon a time, not too long ago, the thought of shopping online seemed ludicrous. Wasn’t the internet cluttered with thieves and disreputable characters? What was a “Webmaster” anyway? And “Hotmail”? That sounded like nothing a respectable shopper would be associated with. But nowadays it seems ludicrous to not shop online. No one deserves more credit for that sea change than Amazon. Whatever you think of it, this tech giant is here to stay and has already changed your life.

Amazon.com is the largest online retailer in the US. It started out as an online bookstore, offering a wide selection of academic and non-academic books. Since then, it has expanded its offerings to include a variety of products, such as food, electronics, furniture, and clothing.
TIP… When you make an order using a coupon code, the deal will still be valid if you don’t complete the purchase. After returning to the site to complete the order, the promotional code will still be there, and it can be used against the qualifying order.

No restrictions are placed on the sale of prohibited items, which means customers can find unique and rare merchandise that they can’t find through traditional retailers. Some examples of these include memorabilia, rare and unique art, and even discontinued goods.

Amazon.com sells various forms of media, such as the Kindle Fire tablet, the Prime Video streaming service, and various other consumer electronics. It also offers a variety of video content, including the latest seasons of hit TV shows. In addition to being able to buy media, Amazon also allows businesses and individuals to sell their products through its marketplace.