Where Do I Enter An Amazon Coupon?

Whether you have an Amazon Gift Card or want to use a promotional code, the checkout process at Amazon might make you nervous. It seems you keep getting farther and farther into it and no one is asking for your gift card or coupon code. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed it. The box you are looking for is part of the checkout, and we will show you where in these easy four steps. If you are wondering where do i enter an amazon coupon, we’ve got you covered..

TIP… If you begin to place an order using a coupon code, but you fail to complete the purchase, the coupon will still be valid and saved to your account. Next time you return to complete the order you will find the promotional code should still be there and available to be used against qualifying orders.

Step 1

Navigate to the item you are purchasing and on the far right hand side of the page, click Add to

Step 2

Confirm your purchase and click Proceed to checkout.

Step 3

Choose shipping options and click continue.