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Where Do I Enter My Amazon Coupon?

Last updated Apr 22, 2024 | Published on Apr 23, 2011

Steps to use an Amazon Coupon

1. Select ‘Proceed to Checkout’.
2. Navigate to the ‘Select a Payment Method’ section.
3. Proceed to Payment Options.
4. Input your gift card or promotional code.

Detailed instructions with accompanying images are provided in the following tutorial. happy face

Step-By-Step Guide to Applying Amazon Coupons

Step 1


Confirm Your Selections and Proceed to Checkout

Use an amazon code step 1:  From inside the shopping cart tap yellow button to begin checkout

Step 2


When you get to the SELECT A PAYMENT METHOD page, choose your credit card. Below this you will find the expression “Enter gift card or promotional code”. Click this and a box will open where you enter the code.

How to apply a Amazon coupon step 2
Final step to redeem a coupon on Amazon

Bottom Line

Short Answer: Amazon coupons are entered during checkout under the heading ‘Select a payment method’.

Amazon Coupon Report Card

B Moderately easy to find
C Entered after credit card
C  Login is needed

Amazon Coupon Experience: An Evaluation

In our analysis of Amazon’s coupon system, we first assessed the ease with which users can locate coupons. Although numerous sites claim to offer Amazon coupons, they often lead to general sales pages, which is not what dedicated coupon hunters are after. Authentic coupons, like those offering a specific $5 discount, are usually found on Amazon’s own product pages. Therefore, we assigned a ‘B’ rating for Amazon’s moderate accessibility of coupons.

Next, we examined how early in the payment process discounts are applied. Ideally, discounts should be confirmed before requesting credit card details to reassure customers about the final price. At Amazon, however, credit card information is required before any chance to enter a coupon code, earning a ‘C’ rating for this aspect.

Finally, we considered the need to log in to access discounts. While this is less of an issue for a widely used platform like Amazon, where most users already have an account, it’s an important consideration for less ubiquitous sites. Nonetheless, Amazon received a ‘C’ rating in this area, indicating an average performance.

Tip: When you place an order using a coupon code, the promotion remains valid even if you don’t complete the purchase immediately. If you return to finalize the order, the promotional code will still be there, ready to be applied to the qualifying order.

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How do Amazon coupons work?

Amazon coupons serve as discounts that you can utilize while checking out. When you encounter a coupon simply click on it to clip it. The discount may be automatically applied when you proceed with purchasing the item. In other cases, the coupon need to be copied and pasted as outlined above.

Where can I find Amazon coupons?

You can find Amazon coupons, on the “Coupons” page, which’s accessible through the “Todays Deals” section on the Amazon website or app. Additionally some product pages may display coupons that you can clip.

Do Amazon coupons expire?

Yes, Amazon coupons typically have expiration dates. You can find the expiration date listed on the coupon itself or on the product page where the coupon’s applicable.

Can I use multiple coupons on one order?

No, usually one coupon per order is allowed by Amazon. You cannot stack coupons for discounts on a single purchase.

Do Amazon Prime members get exclusive coupons?

Yes, Amazon frequently offers coupons and deals, for Prime members. You can find these offers on the “Prime Member Coupons” page located within the Coupons section of Amazons website.

Can I use Amazon coupons for third-party seller items?

Whether you can use Amazon coupons for products sold by third party sellers depends on the coupon. Certain coupons are valid for items from third party sellers while others are only applicable, to products sold and fulfilled directly by Amazon. To find out if you’re eligible kindly review the terms and conditions associated with each coupon.


In wrapping up, our site brings you a comprehensive guide that simplifies the Amazon coupon redemption journey. By breaking down each step from selecting your payment method to entering your coveted code in the ‘Gift Card or Promotional Code’ box, we aim to streamline your checkout process. Our deep dive into Amazon’s coupon system—assessing the discoverability of deals, the timing of code application, and login requirements—aims to shed light on the nuances of saving on Amazon. Our goal is to demystify the coupon application for you, making your online shopping experience not just efficient, but truly savvy. Here’s to smart shopping on Amazon, where every penny saved is a penny earned!