Where Do I Enter Walmart Coupons?

Where Do I Enter Walmart Coupons?

Where Do I Enter a Walmart Coupon Code?

Walmart has become part of American pop culture, but many web shoppers are ready to 'pop' in frustration when they are trying to use a Walmart coupon code they've found online. The promotions team is quickly expanding what they offer online, and continually tinkering with their offers. With the recent opening of the online grocery store, there are now many various explanations on how to redeem coupon codes. Below we will walk you through the process of how to use Walmart promotional coupons, and give you some options.

Choose the option that best describes what you want to do...


Option 1
I have a digital coupon and want to use it online at Walmart.com:walmart website

Yes, Option #1


Option 2
I have an 8 digit promotional code and want to use it at Walmart Grocery: walmart grocery steps

Yes, Option #2


Option 3
I want to print a paper coupon to use in person at my local store:instore steps

Yes, Option #3