Where Do I Enter Walmart Coupons?

Where Do I Enter Walmart Coupons?

Where Do I Enter a Walmart Coupon Code?

Walmart has become part of American pop culture, but many web shoppers are ready to 'pop' in frustration when they are trying to use a Walmart coupon code at their online shop. Below we will quickly walk you through the process of how use a Walmart promotional coupon. To find current and valid coupons, look for the link in the In Stores Now area on the site. "Clip" the coupons you want by clicking on the box next to the word "Clip" in each coupon. Then click on "Print Coupons" and follow the easy instructions to install the coupon printer. Feel free to follow the simple steps below...

If you want to use a Walmart Gift Card, follow these same steps 1-5, you can enter a gift card during step 6.

Fast Forward

I'm shopping at Walmart Grocery. I need to know where to put my 8 digit grocery coupon.


Fast Forward

I'm shopping at Walmart.com, but don't need to see the steps, just take me to the final step.



First of all navigate to the item you wish to purchase in order to add it to your shopping cart.
Walmart step 1



Adjust the quantity and then click "Add to Cart".step 2



A confirmation will appear that your item has been added to the shopping cart. Now proceed to the checkout by clicking "Check Out". You could also click on the cart icon at the top right hand side of the page.walmart3



To begin the checkout process either sign in to your existing account, or create a new account. You can no longer checkout as a guest.
step 4



Step one of the checkout process involves choosing a shipping option or in some cases, store pickup. Make your choice and click continue. If you have multiple products in your shopping cart, you may have to choose a shipping option for each one.walmart step five