Where Do I Enter The Promotional Code On Peapod?

Follow the tutorial below to redeem Peapod issued coupons, and also manufacturers coupons.

Step 1

Browse the stocked aisles or use the express shop to add items to your virtual shopping cart. When ready, click the shopping cart in the top right corner.

Where Do I Enter The Promotional Code on peapod

Step 2

Confirm your list of items and click CHECKOUT.

peapod step two

Step 3

You will be asked if you want your order picked up or delivered.

peapod step two

Step 4

Based on your choice in step 3, arrange your delivery/pickup.

peapod step three

Peapod is America’s largest online grocery shopping and delivery service. With more than 12,000 items in stock, Peapod offers as much variety as your local grocery chain store. In addition, they offer a variety of products for many lifestyles, including organic foods and kosher foods, as well as fresh sushi delivery. In some large markets, Peapod tailors offerings to reflect hometown tastes. For instance, in Chicago, they offer frozen Gino’s East Pizza.

If you are having trouble finding where to enter your promotional code, simply follow the above steps…

Over the years, Peapod has made a name for itself by making grocery shopping an effortless and pleasant experience. You can place your order from the comfort of your home whenever you like, and you can choose the delivery time that best suits you. A Peapod personal shopper can have your order filled and delivered to your door as early as the next day (only for orders before 8pm) with a small delivery charge. If you wish, Peapod also offers an option to pick up your groceries at your local Stop & Shop.

Deals and Sales

Just like your local grocery store, Peapod offers bargains through items on sale and unique offers which are difficult to turn down. In addition, Peapod also lets customers save money by making use of coupons. Follow the tutorial above for step by step details on how to redeem your codes.
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